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Are you struggling to develop a story idea into a full length novel? Do you have trouble focusing on one project at a time? Have you started a novel but keep getting stuck? I've been there—and I'm here to help! My mentorship is for writers who want guidance as they draft their book no matter what stage they're in. 

You'll set a writing schedule that works for you. At the end of each month, I'll review your writing so far, give you feedback, and we'll have a Zoom meeting to talk about anything you're struggling with and where you want to take your writing journey next. I'll work with you one-on-one until you have a finished draft on your hands.


Let me explain how my mentorship can help you in more detail: 

1. Development: the mentorship can help you take an idea or handful of scattered scenes and develop them into a full length outline. I've found that plotters and pantsers alike can benefit from a roadmap that works for them. For some this will mean a detailed scene-by-scene outline, while for others it will be a looser concept where they feel enough freedom to discover the story along the way. If you already have some of your novel written we can focus on developing where you want to go next. 


2. Feedback: I provide line-by-line feedback each month and an edit letter that points out your strengths and areas for improvement. The point of the feedback isn't to bog you down with edits, it's to alert you to problems that could effect the rest of your story going forward. Once you finish the first draft, those edits will still be waiting for you once you go back to edit.  


3. Accountability: there are no set deadlines in the mentorship that you don't make for yourself, but I will be checking in every few weeks to see how things are going and then at the end of each month to discuss your process. I'm keeping you accountable for your writing goals.  


4. Motivation: I'll always remind you of your goals and celebrate your successes. My job is to boost your confidence and help you develop and embrace your writing voice. Your story needs to be out in the world!  


5. Industry knowledge: once you've finished your book I'm there to guide you through the next steps. I've published two of my own books and now publish other people's books as well. I know the publishing industry inside and out and can help you on whatever path you take to publication. 

There are two options for the mentorship program: 

Option 1: an edit letter covering plot, pacing, worldbuilding, character development and audience, and one live zoom call per month. $360 monthly*.

Option 2: an edit letter covering plot, pacing, worldbuilding, character development and audience per month. $260 monthly*. 

* please note that if you aren't starting from the beginning of the project I charge $.09 per word for what you have so far that will be added to the base cost of the mentorship for your first month. All subsequent months will be charged the flat rate. There will also be a cap of 10,000 words per month. If you exceed 10,000 words per month you will be charged $.09 per additional word. 

If you have a completed manuscript but are still interested in the mentorship, please email me or put that you have a completed manuscript in your inquiry. 

Work with me!

I can't wait to work with you!

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