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photo by Madison Ifland

About Hannah 

Hannah Parker was born and raised in Oklahoma. Her debut novel, AUTUMN'S TITHE, won the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children's Writing from the journal Hunger Mountain


Hannah began writing AUTUMN'S TITHE in 2016 and documented the process on her Instagram account. In college, she split her time between writing essays about medieval newspapers and writing fantasy books about faeries (guess which one she found more entertaining).  In 2019, Hannah graduated with a degree in English Literature from Oklahoma State University. She now uses her close reading skills to analyze every text message she receives.


After college, Hannah started her own publishing house, Counterpoise Press, and began competing in the hunter ring with her horse. She also got her MFA in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing from Emerson College. Her love for writing faeries is as strong as ever. She currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, and is a full-time mom to her cat, dog, and horse.  ​

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