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Media Interviews:


Media Interviews: 

I always have SUCH an amazing time chatting about my books and my publishing house! If you're interested in having me on your blog or podcast please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Booktalks Episode 29: Autumn's Tithe by Hannah Parker. 

Today, Marisa and Kayla (but not Kayla because she's in Italy!) sit down with a glass of wine to discuss Autumn's Tithe by Hannah Parker. We laugh, we drink, we cry (just kidding!), and we share our *highly* professional opinions concerning this book. We hope you enjoy it!! 

The Bookish Banter Podcast Episode 33: Interview with Hannah Parker. 

We are too excited for this fun and exciting episode with the amazing Hannah Parker... author and owner of Counterpoise Press! Join us s while we deep dive into writing a debut novel, the second book scaries, and learn more about Hannah's publishing journey. 

Unofficial Book Club Podcast: Disdain for a Prologue with Hannah Parker. 

In this episode, Hannah Parker joins me again to discuss her relationship to reading as an author and her disdain for a prologue.

Unofficial Book Club Podcast: It's Not Worth Your Mental Health with Hannah Parker. 

In this episode author Hannah Parker joins me to discuss her trilogy Autumn's Tithe and her publishing company Counterpoise Press.

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