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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Picking a Book

Frequently Asked Questions: 

About Autumn's Tithe:  

Q:  How do you pronounce 'tithe'? 

A: Tie (rhymes with lie) the (rhymes with duh). Autumn's Tie-the. 

Q:  How long did it take you to finish writing it? To publish? 

A: It took me 5 years from start to finish. A year to write, and four to edit and publish. 


Q:  How did you get published? 

A: I started my own publishing company, Counterpoise Press! I started my own press to publish my own books, but then began publishing other people's books as well. 

Q:  Is there a specific place you recommend buying Autumn's Tithe from that would benefit you most?  

A: This question is so kind! All versions and formats help me tremendously as an author. But if you don't have a preference, ordering from the Counterpoise website directly helps me the most. And I'll sign and personalize those copies for you!. 

Q:  Where is it available to buy?

A: Everywhere books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and many indie bookstores! 

Q:  Is it going to be on Kindle Unlimited? 

A: No. 

Q:  Is there an audiobook?

A: Yes! Autumn's Tithe and Autumn's Traitor are available now. 

Q:  Is it available in other countries? 

A: Yes! Check your country's Amazon. I don't always know what distributors have added the book, so you might have to search for Autumn's Tithe and Autumn's Traitor at the distributor of your choice. 

Q:  Is there any swearing or inappropriate scenes in Autumn's Tithe or Autumn's Traitor? 

A: There's no swearing and no explicit scenes, but the book does cover some dark themes. It's a young adult book meant for teens ages 14+. 

Q:  Are Autumn's Tithe and Traitor part of a series? 

A: Yes! Autumn's Tithe is book 1 in The Severed Realms Trilogy and Autumn's Traitor is the sequel. 

Q:  When does book 3 come out?  

A: My goal is for it to come out in 2025. 

Q:  Does the book have a diverse cast? POC characters?

A: Yes! There's room for everyone in this book world :).   

Q:  Is it YA or NA? 

A: Young Adult. 


Q:  Who designed the cover?

A: Cover Dungeon Rabbit.  

Q: How did you get your book into The Bookish Box and can I buy a special edition copy of Tithe and Traitor? 

A: I pitched it to them over email! They requested the manuscript and they decided I was a good fit for their box. They have been a DREAM to work with. Unfortunately the Tithe and Traitor special editions are both sold out. 


Q:  I just finished writing a book and want to publish… now what?

A: First, explore which route of publishing is right for you, traditional or self publishing. If you decide to self publish, the next steps are self editing the book and then hiring             professional editors. If you want to go with traditional publishing, you will need to query an agent. There are plenty of free online resources that list the many steps of publishing.  

Q: Can Counterpoise Press publish my book? 

A: If you query us and your manuscript is accepted, then yes! Check out submission details here


Q: Can you read my book/chapter/etc? 

A: Unfortunately no, I don't have the time to do readings for free.  

Q: What writing software do you use?

      Microsoft word and Scrivener. 

Q: How much does it cost to publish with Counterpoise? 

A: Nothing! Publishers pay you, not the other way around. Any publisher asking you for money is a vanity publisher and is a scam. If your book is accepted by a traditional publisher like Counterpoise, they will pay you an advance and royalties. 

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