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YOU have what it takes to write, edit, market and publish the novel of your dreams. And I have what it takes to help you get there. 

My private coaching covers: 

  • Personalized guidance on how to write your novel

  • Writing strategies and how to finish your novel

  • How to set attainable goals for writing 

  • Industry advice (including how to query and how to navigate the publishing world) 

  • Specific career guidance 

  • How to conquer developmental edits 

  • How to set an editing schedule that works for you 

  • Creating engaging content 

  • Finding your ideal reader 

  • Hard vs. soft selling

  • Getting out of creativity slumps 

  • Instagram and TikTok marketing strategies 

  • Personal branding 

Single 1 hour session via Zoom: $100 

Work with me! 

I can't wait to work with you! 

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  • Pinterest
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